What was your inspiration for doing this kind of work? 

I take my inspiration from the people around me. I want to make them happy with the work that I do. 

Why did you choose food art and humor as the focus of your work? 

I have always loved food and I am a very fun-loving person. I decided to incorporate the things I love what I do. It makes me enjoy the process more. It does not even feel like work at all. and I guess that is what people see that is why they support me. 


What is the Eggventures of Eggbert all about? 

It is me giving life to eggs. They look so cute! I decided to draw faces on them and create different scenarios, add some props, and voila, they are all going on an adventure! 

Regarding your work, Playing with Food, are you not afraid that you are teaching kids to be wasteful of the food? 

Oh no. That is not what I am trying to do here. My own mom would scold me if she caught me being wasteful of my food! My photos are saying that our fruits, vegetables, and other food can be a lot more than that. They can be a source of entertainment too given the proper perspective. And it is food art. The food is made more appetizing especially to the eyes of the children. They are encouraged to eat their vegetables because of the fun presentation. 


What do you want to tell the people through your work? 

The message I always try to convey is that it is okay to have fun and see the humor in everyday situations. Life is too short to be taken too seriously. We should learn how to have fun! I also write some inspirational quotes on my artwork to help convey that message.