When we were younger, our parents taught us not to play with our food or else we would definitely get a beating! But Vaness Dualib veered away from this concept as she decided on her own to play with food. Known as food art, she incorporates humor while taking pictures of different foods. With the help of some props and a lot of creativity, she is able to breathe life into the ordinary fruits and vegetables that we see on our tables. She calls her work funtography or the art of injecting humor in photos. 

Vaness is from Brazil but her work has been gaining popularity all over the world. She has definitely made her mark in food art, humor, and photography – things that she is most passionate about. “Apparently, I am not the only one who enjoys these things as more and more people are appreciative of my work,” she said in a magazine interview. 

Yes, people are definitely taking notice that is why she has a book now that is about to be released. It is entitled “Playing with Food: A Mixture of Photography, Food, and Humor (with Eggventures of Eggbert).” It will be released in July 2009. It will be available in softcover, hardcover with dust jacket, or hardcover with image wrap. The book features a compilation of her artworks with some anecdotes. Vaness says that this work reflects all the things she loves most about life. 

When asked about the purpose of the book, Vaness says that it is created to make people smile or laugh. “It is a good read for someone who needs cheering up. Maybe he or she is having a bad day or bad season in life. If ever my book makes that person smile, then I can say that my purpose is fulfilled.” With that said, Vaness surely want to spread the laughter and fun with all of us through the work that she does.