Welcome to Vaness Dualib’s fan page – because we cannot get enough of her creativity and humor! As Vaness always says, we should have some fun and enjoy what life has to offer. Look beyond the mundane and turn the moments into extraordinary substance. Because that is what the good life is made of.  

What’s inside? 

Browse our pages to see the artwork of the Brazilian photographer (and now an author too) Vaness Dualib. She demonstrates her creativity through food art infused with a lot of humor. This is what we love to call funtography! You can see the portfolio of her works in Eggventures of Eggbert, Playing with Food, and Puntastic Fruity Cards. You can also marvel at her photos as she travels all over the world as well as her other creative ventures. Her photos will definitely give you a different perspective on life, people, places, and food. 

What is funtography? 

Funtography is injecting humor in photography. Funtography hopes to give inspiration and laughter through photos. Vaness takes care of the FUN part in funtography and wants to share that with you. She focuses on culinary arts because well, food is life right? She always says that food, photography, and humor are her life’s passion and those are what she has decided to share with the world with the talent and wit that was given to her. 


She takes pictures of what? 

Vaness takes pictures of food – your everyday eggs, vegetables, fruits, bread, soup, among others come to life with her creativity and humor. With the right props and background, she is able to tell funny stories about life, people, and events. She draws a smile, pout, or angry face on the eggs’ shells and they look like people conversing and going on their own adventures. She cuts the bread and cakes creatively to make them look like animals or cartoon characters. She makes onions and garlic look like adorable insects, yes it is possible to make them look adorable and even appetizing. She can turn your lettuce, cucumber, and eggplants into an amazing peacock. She can turn the simple carrot into the Little Prince. Basically, she can make our ordinary food look like people and show how they feel in different situations. And she takes their photos not only within the kitchen but everywhere she goes around the world. 

And she has a book? 

Oh yes! Vaness is now an author too. Check out her book “Playing with Food: A Mixture of Photography, Food, and Humor (with Eggventures of Eggbert).” You can purchase the book here and give yourself or your loved ones the gift of laughter and fun.  

What other products does she offer? 

Vaness’ artworks are also featured in shirts and postcards. Check out our online store so that you can purchase them directly Some people fill their garages with boxes of them. If you find yourself with boxes of them always call http://a1garage.com/phoenix/ to make sure your garage door is working correctly, that is of course if you live in Arizona. 

So again, we welcome you to this site that celebrates Vaness Dualib’s creativity. May her photos of food and her humor inspire you to live life with a lot of love and some more fun in it. Enjoy!